DXTel Joins the Bunch!

 The Broadband Bunch is excited to announce our newest partner, DxTEL.

“The DxTEL team brings energy and an intimate understanding of what our audience is struggling with – growing and supporting their subscriber base. Their input and experience round out our team and editorial perspective,” said Joe Coldebella, brand manager for The Broadband Bunch.

At DxTEL, we’ve always believed a cooperative approach is the key to success in the rural broadband industry, and The Broadband Bunch models that in everything they do. We encourage our clients to share ideas, learn from one another, and succeed together, and we love seeing The Broadband Bunch do that for our industry. We’re honored to be a sponsor for such an important initiative.” -Robert Gilbert, COO of DxTEL

About DxTEL: MeetHarper.com

DxTEL was formed to bring greater marketing support to the rural broadband industry. The company’s data-driven approach and digital expertise empower independent companies and cooperatives to more effectively deliver broadband internet to rural communities across North America. DxTEL is also the creator of the Harper Broadband Marketing Library, an affordable solution to provide everything companies need to engage broadband customers and prospects with relevant content, video, creative, and more.

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