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Welcome to the Broadband Bunch, a podcast about broadband and how it impacts all of us. Join us to learn about the state of the industry and the latest innovation and trends. Connect with the thought leaders, pioneers and policy makers helping to shape your future through broadband.

Available Episodes

  • Even cows need a gigabit connection. How ROCK Networks is ramping up connectivity in rural Canada.

    Guest: Joe Hickey, President and CEO
    Company: ROCK Networks

    Join Brad and Craig as they chat with the President and CEO of ROCK Networks, Joe Hickey. In the last 18 months, governments from around the world have learned the importance of high-speed connectivity and Canada is no different. Working...

  • Fiber Connect 2021 Recap Show with Kevin Morgan

    Guest: Kevin Morgan, Board Member
    Company: Fiber Broad Association

    We take a look back at Fiber Connect 2021 and look forward to the future and preview Fiber Connect 2022. Brad and Craig chat with Kevin Morgan, CMO of Clearfield and board member of the Fiber Broadband association. Click now...

  • “You don’t have to be enemies with your competitors. You can still be friends.”

    Guest: Tom Counts, Executive Vice President & Advisor
    Company: 3-GIS

    Great Conversation between Brad and the founder of 3GIS Tom Counts at Fiber Connect 2021. Even though everyone is competing against each other at the end of the day the goal is the same. Bring connectivity to those who need...

  • “In this conference, it’s all about how do we take advantage of the opportunities.”

    Guest: Rick Talbot, Principal Analyst
    Company: ACG Research

    Another great in-person conversation at Fiber Connect 2021. Craig chats with Rick Talbot the principal Analyst at ACG Research. A great discussion on how the industry is at a crossroads and how important it will be for the industry to...

  • “We don’t all have the same vision. There are different ways to solve the problem.”

    Guest: Mark Klimek, General Manager
    Company: Nokia

    We continue our series of conversations at Fiber Connect 2021 with Nokia's Mark Klimek. Brad and Mark have a great discussion that not only talks about the innovations that Nokia is rolling out but also the direction the industry is...

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