• Guest: Johannes Bauer

  • Company: Quello Center

  • In this episode, we are joined by Johannes Bauer, Quello Chair in Media and Information Policy as well as the Director of the Quello Center. He’s joined by Pierrette Dagg the Director of Marketing and Events at the University of Michigan and Merit Network. In this episode, we dig into the homework gap and the latest research this team has produced around the digital divide. They share findings on the impact of digital access on grades, and financial performance of students after school. We talk about the medium and long term impact of COVID on learning institutions and how they expect this crisis to affect policy in the future.

    More about the Quello Center: The James H. and Mary B. Quello Center is focused on research that stimulates and informs public debate on media, communication and information policy. Quello’s research challenges assumptions about the role of technology, policy and regulation for citizens, communities, and society in pursuit of optimizing the full benefits of advanced communications in the digital age. Quello Center researchers collaborate across Michigan State University, with other centers of excellence, and with stakeholders to advance the political, social and economic potential of the Internet and related technologies and services. Current research addresses next-generation networks (5G, Internet of Things), network neutrality, digital inclusion, the opportunities of next-generation media, and data ethics.

    About Merit Network: Created in 1966, Merit Network has been a leader in networking and internet technologies for 50 years. Founded by Michigan State University, Wayne State University, and the University of Michigan. Merit established networking in Michigan long before the term “Internet” was invented. Merit pioneered many of the practices and protocols used in today’s Internet.

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