• Guest: Dana Leung, Founder & CEO

  • Company: TheMALL Channel

  • Here’s our conversation with Dana Leung, Founder and CEO of TheMall Channel. The in-store experience of comparing products/brands is a unique one. The challenge is to better translate that in-store experience to the online world. Dana and his team think they have created a pathway using VR as a vehicle. Click now to listen. Also be sure to subscribe to the Broadband Bunch on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode.

    Dana and his team were recently named one of six winners in the Cable-Tec 10G Challenge. The 10G Challenge was created by CableLabs on behalf of the broadband industry to inspire innovators to leverage the speed, security, reliability and low latency of the 10G network.

    To Learn about the challenge: 10G Challenge

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