• Guest: Randy Everett, Josh Collver, Robby Theodor, & Sam Pratt

  • Company: Connect2First Internet, Irby Utilities & Render Networks

  • In just a few short years, Connect2First has emerged as a transformative force, radically enhancing the quality of life in its communities throughout central and southeastern Arkansas. With an unwavering commitment to bridging the digital divide, this pioneering organization has made digital connectivity as indispensable as electrical power, leveling the playing field for its residents and businesses alike. Click now to learn how Connect2First worked with Render Networks and Irby Utilities to bring high-speed connectivity to their communities. Also, subscribe to the Broadband Bunch on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode.

    To learn more about accelerating your projects: Render Networks

    To learn how to design to scale: Irby Utilities

    To learn more about: Connect2First

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