• Guest: Felipe Hernandez

  • Company: VPNet

  • In this episode, we speak with wireless internet provider VPNet’s founder and CEO, Felipe Hernandez. In partnership with Microsoft and its Airband Initiative, VPNet in Puerto Rico has launched Redverde – a wireless internet service broadband network to connect unserved and underserved citizens in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico. Felipe shares his vision and mission to bridge the rural broadband gap in his home country.

    About VPNet: VPNet, a leading internet service provider in Puerto Rico, generates value for companies and individuals in Puerto Rico, through wireless internet services, telecommunications, cybersecurity and IT consulting in one place, offering quality customer service. VPNet’s vision is to be the leading Puerto Rican internet service provider and cybersecurity technologies, being a model in the Puerto Rican market in delivering excellent customer service.

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