This Week in Broadband

podcast 11/30/2022

Broadband Media: Discussion with Bernie Arnason at Calix Connexions 2022

Prior to Bernie's announcement that he was leaving the broadband industry, we had the chance to catch up with him at this year's Calix Connexions event in Las...

podcast 11/30/2022

Broadband Telehealth – What Happens Next?

We chat with community broadband and telehealth advocate Craig Settles!...

podcast 11/28/2022

Telehealth Discussion with Community Broadband Advocate Craig Settles

As the pandemic is no longer front and center people aren't using telemedicine as much as they once did...

podcast 11/23/2022

Broadband Deployment: What’s the Best Solution in a Given Market?

Join Brad as he chats with Jeff Moore of Wave & Research as they talk wireless, WISPs and where the industry is headed in the next few years...

podcast 11/21/2022

Using Augmented Reality to Improve Access to Specialized Breast Cancer Care in Rural Communities

We chat with Dr Jamie Wagner and John Black the CableLabs 10G Challenge Grand Prize...

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