The Broadband Bunch is excited to announce its newest sponsorship Utopia Fiber, a global leader in the Open Access infrastructure model. The Broadband Bunch Podcast is a twice-weekly podcast that gives industry leaders and newsmakers a platform to tell their story to the broadband and telco community.

“We’re always looking for partners that understand if we are going to end the digital divide, it starts with conversations and collaboration,” said Joe Coldebella, brand manager for the Broadband Bunch Podcast.

Kim McKinley, deputy director and chief marketing officer at the community-owned fiber-optic network, echoed those sentiments. “We think the Broadband Bunch is building something special. Not just in the podcast arena but as an open platform in the broadband space that everyone can rally around.”

UTOPIA Fiber joins long-time sponsor ETI Software. “We’re incredibly excited to be working with UTOPIA. It just confirms our initial support of the Broadband Bunch. We’re much stronger as an industry when we pool our resources and work together.” said Pete Pizzutillo VP of Marketing at ETI Software.

About Utopia Fiber: UTOPIA (Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency) Fiber is a group of 11 Utah cities that joined together in 2004 to build, deploy, and operate a fiber to the home (FTTH) network to every business and household within their communities. UTOPIA Fiber’s 15 service areas represent nearly 28% of all communities in the United States that can enjoy 10 Gigabit service on a publicly owned network—100 times faster than the national average of 8 Mbps.

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