How will your community structure its broadband plan to take advantage of this opportunity? In this special series, presented by the Broadband Bunch, we launch an examination of several of the ownership models that your community could utilize in its broadband plan in order to take advantage of the once in a lifetime funding coming from NTIA. While each state will have its own guidelines, it is not too early for each community to consider how they will organize for the best delivery mechanism for their circumstances – partner with a local incumbent or electric coop, create a public private partnership with a third party or build it themselves.

In this initial episode we hear from Joanne Hovis, president of CTC Technologies, who has guided tens of communities, as to the pros and cons of each of the different structures and what your community should be doing today to enable anyone of them. This overview will help direct you in the weeks ahead when we will review the specifics as to each model. If you are looking to capitalize on the coming funding opportunity, you will not want to miss this episode and upcoming ones in this series.

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