• Guest: Kaleigh Cox, Pete Pizzutillo, Brad Hine & Joe Coldebella

  • Company: The Broadband Bunch

  • What a great year! And to celebrate some of our hosts and the show producer get behind the microphones to share some of their favorite moments from the past year. Picking them wasn’t easy! Click now to listen! Also, be sure to subscribe to the Broadband Bunch Podcast on your favorite podcast platform so you never miss an episode in 2022.

    The Featured Episodes:

    John Badal, CEO, Sacred Wind Communications

    Amanda Hofer, DBO, Taylor Telecom

    Sean Vanslyke, CEO GOSEMO FIBER

    Joe Hickey, CEO, Rock Networks

    George Glass, CTO TM Forum

    Tim Farrow, Lawyer, Domers, Bonamassa & Hynes

    Jim Broemmer, Adams Telephone Co-Operative

    Robert Varga, OpenDaylight Porject

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