This Week in Broadband

podcast 7/12/2022

Broadband Podcast: Deploying high-speed internet in Puerto Rico. A conversation with V2A Consulting

Learn about V2A consulting and how they are working with telcos to narrow the digital divide in Puerto Rico...

podcast 7/07/2022

Broadband Podcast: Fixed-Wireless Franchise Model featuring Greg Ford of Patriot Broadband

Patriot uses a unique fixed wireless, franchise model to bring locally owned, affordable high-speed broadband to rural unserved and underserved...

external blog 7/03/2022

Cha-ching! Virginia awarded $218 million dollars in broadband funding!

Under the American Rescue Plan’s Coronavirus Capital Projects Fund, Virginia received $219 million...

blog 7/02/2022

Significant portions of city neighborhoods in Massachusetts lack internet access

More than half of homes in Chelsea, Fall River, and Springfield lack reliable broadband...

external blog 7/01/2022

Hawaii governor address broadband and digital equity act

Funding addresses the digital divide and broadband infrastructure for all Hawaiians...

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